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Adventures in Hi-Fi

Maybe it's the ever shrinking size of technology and all singing devices that'll wipe your bum if you remember to charge them (only available in Japan), but since the turn of the year I've been letting all my modern tech gather dust and have started pining for dusty solid-state and bulky packaging.

So with Ebay only a modern-tech assisted click away and yard sales turning up vinyl for mere pennies I have started to build a "low-cost" (compared to the original prices at the time) hi-fi, not since teenage kicks and posters of Kate Bush on the wall have I owned a separates system. So, gentlemen and ladies, here we have lot 101... Rogers DB101s speakers in Walnut Burr effect a total flop in the 90s due to their huge £400 (then £250, then liquidated at £100) price tag. Mine came to me via Ebay with a busted tweeter which needed replacing and I couldn't resist adding some space age feet to them to make them less dumpy. Strange, strange looking speakers.

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